What Students Say


Riccardo, Italia, Post-Doc at the Institut Curie (Paris)

After my PhD I continued my career in Research and now I am in Paris where I am doing a Post-Doc at the Curie Institute. If it wasn’t for the Master Course in Molecular Biology and Genetics I probably would not be here now.

I feel like advising this Master Course very much to all the people who want to pursue a career in Science and Research.


Amanda, USA

What is also great about this programme is that there are a lot of students coming from all different backgrounds, different nationalities, so you get to meet so many different people with so many different points of view and prospective on science that is very exciting.

They also have International Professors coming and so you really get in an international networking.

Andrea, Italia

The fact that they invite Visiting Professors to come is really marvellous.

It was very interesting the fact that they have internship and lab activities as an integral part of the course. This really gives you a great upper hand over your colleagues.

Linda, Ghana

The fact that They invite Visiting Professors to come is really marvellous.

For instance, a Visiting Professor came from Netherland, who gave the opportunity in his lab to learn for like two months and then they invited me to come there again and give me a position in their lab.

Demetrio, Italia

I chose this course because I thought that a good knowledge in scientific English was fundamental for my future scientific career. I liked this course not only because of the English but also because of the very strong internationalization.

The two years internship that is part of the course allowed us to really feel what research is and to really be part of a project.

Mariasilvia, Italia

I chose this course because I was fascinated by the fact that is entirely taught in English and also because gives you the possibility of doing and internship in a research laboratory.

During my first year I had the possibility of being active part of a research group.

Marina, Italia

I chose this course because it is in English and it requires two years of experience in a laboratory and so you can improve your English, your ability in the lab and understand how a laboratory works.

It is a stimulating environment in which you can spend time with international students and you can follow different seminars about different research fields.

Elia, Lebanon

The collaboration between labs really helps you because you are being exposed to different prospectives on the same field of study.


Johannes, Etiopia, winner of the scholarship of the Fund for Cooperation and Knowledge 2017-2018

I believe completing this programme will help me in my future studies.

I believe this programme will provide me solid knowledge and skills.


Ana, Spain, ERASMUS Student

We had the opportunity to choose courses that allowed us to study more specific things like the Advanced Microscopy course or the Molecular Genetics course.

It was quite easy for me to find a lab were to do the thesis. Professors accepted us quite gently and I am happy with that.


Luiz, Spain, ERASMUS Student

To sum up, the course is in English, the relationships with Professors are good, they offer us good courses. I think that these reasons are enough for me to recommend the course to other students.