Internship for Thesis

During the Master Programme, Students are required to attend lessons and to carry out a scientific investigation (internship for experimental thesis) under the supervision of a faculty member. The experimental work must result into a Dissertation that will represent an essential component of the Course programme. The internship for experimental thesis lasts for the entire duration of the Master Degree Programme (four semesters).

Students must contact directly the laboratory they are interested in. A student that is about to start the internship for thesis MUST send to the name of the head of the laboratory.

At the following websites you will find a list of laboratories where you can look for a position for your internship:

 Department of Biology and Biotechnology, research topics:

 Institute of Molecular Genetics IGM-CNR (section of PAVIA) (link), to contact professors visit the “Pavia section” at this page

 Other Departments or Institutes (such as the Department of Molecular Medicine link, Policlinico San Matteo, Fondazione Mondino or Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri or other institutions): students must ask for the approval of the Coordinator of the Master Programme. The Laboratory head must contact the Coordinator of the MBG course and describe the subject of the research that will be carried out by the MBG student. The Coordinator of the MBG course will make sure that the laboratory head is aware of the requirements and regulation of the MBG course regarding the internship, thesis preparation and defence.

 Co-supervisor / supervisor: if the head of the Laboratory in which the student will carry out his/her thesis is not in the Teaching Board of Biology or Biotechnology study programmes, the student must find a “co-supervisor” from the above-mentioned study programmes. Thus, to attend some of the laboratories in the IGM-CNR, Department of Molecular Medicine, or external institutions, students must find a co-supervisor.

The detailed organization of the laboratory work will be planned by each Laboratory head.


Authorization to begin the internship for thesis in a laboratory external to the University of Pavia

Those students who are going to start the internship for thesis in a laboratory that is not part of the University of Pavia, like those in the Policlinico San Matteo, in Fondazione Mondino or Maugeri, must follow the steps reported below. The completion of these steps is compulsory to obtain the authorization to begin the internship and to start the health insurance.

  1. download the form found at this link Click to download;
  2. find a supervisor inside the Teaching Board of Biology or Biotechnology,
  3. the supervisor must sign the document from point “1”,
  4. deliver the form to the Student Secretariat. The Student Secretariat will complete the steps necessary to start your health insurance.


Brief description of cases and procedures required to start the internship for thesis (click on the picture to download it)