VISA and Permit of Stay



Obtaining a VISA

Please visit this page to read a summary of the procedure.

Fill the form at this page to find the list of documents required to obtain a VISA to study in Italy.

Detailed procedures for VISA, entry, enrollment in higher education courses and stay of international students in Italy can be found here (English language).

Additional information are available in a this dedicated page of the University of Pavia, Step 2

Embassies in specific countries might require English language knowledge certificates to accept pre-enrollment and VISA applications. Minimum required grades for the academic year 2019-2020 were: IELTS – 6, TOEFL – 78, TOLIMO – 600, FCE – 169.



Download the checklist

Obtaining the Permit of Stay

In order to study in Italy, International students from non-EU countries need to obtain a Permit of Stay. The application for Permit of Stay must be sent within 8 days from the arrival in Italy.  To obtain the permit of stay, students must have an Italian Tax identification number and an health insurance. Permits of stay must be renewed after one year. Students must apply for a new Permit of Stay or for a renewal following the instructions reported at these pages:

University of Pavia link

Welcome Point; Enrolment and Permit of Stay link

Help desk inside the Police station (Questura) dedicated to international students (link). Address Via Rismondo 68, inside the Police station (Questura) Opening hours: Tue 9:00-13:00; Thu 10:00-13:00.

Non-EU citizens staying in Italy for longer than three months need to apply for a permit of stay within 8 days of their  arrival in Pavia. The cost for the application is about 140 Euro.

In order to do this, take the following documents to:
Help Desk for International Students at the Pavia Police Station (Questura di Pavia, Salone Immigrazione)
Via Rismondo, 68
Open Thursdays 9AM – 1PM by appointment only available from 21 Sept 2020 (click on the helpdesk, fill a form and confirm your appointment).

Students in quarantine can start anticipating their documents to, attaching their passport with the study visa or (in case of renewal) their permit of stay.

Alternatively, students can ask for support to Association Amici della Mongolfiera, Corso Garibaldi 20/N, Opening hours: Mon, Wed, Thu 10:00 – 13:00; Tue, Fri 17:00 – 20:00


Italian Tax identification number (Codice Fiscale)

The Italian Tax identification number is mandatory to obtain the Permit of Stay.

Information concerning the procedure to obtain a Tax identification number can be found here (link).



Italian Health System and Emergency care insurance

An Emergency care insurance is required to live in Italy. Students can use their own emergency care insurance, if it is valid in Italy, or buy one from the Italian Health System.

Information concerning the procedure to obtain an Emergency care insurance can be found here (link) and at pages 6-7 of the International Students’ Handbook.