COLLEGES (Students’ Residences or “collegi”)

UNIPV is renewed for its halls of residence. Living in college means being in the midst of a stimulating and creative cultural environment that has a long tradition in Pavia.

There are 20 colleges in Pavia, 11 are managed by EDiSU (Ente per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario), a dedicated government agency aimed to provide housing, financial support and other special subsidies to eligible students. At this page you will find a short presentation of the EDiSU Pavia EDiSU, presentation

EDiSU offers accommodations at colleges as part of scholarships. Accommodation fees may be paid as part of your scholarship or personally by the student.



The deadline to apply for a place in one of the students’ residences managed by EDiSU is usually at the end of July. Information on the application procedure is available in English on EDiSU website at page EDiSU, homepage

Detailed information concerning colleges can be found at these pages:

Please also visit this link to check room availability in “Collegi” and directly apply for a place:

EDiSU, applications for student’s room in student’s residences



Students can rent a private flat. Private flats can be searched via the Centro Assistenza Studenti or dedicated Facebook groups.Temporary solutions in hotels or B&B are also possible.


Renting a private flat via the “Centro Assistenza Studenti”

Students can contact the Centro Assistenza Studenti. The Centro Assistenza Studenti is the accommodation office for international students taking part to exchange programs or enrolling in the University of Pavia.

Please visit pages


Looking for a flat via Facebook groups

You can check these groups


Temporary Solutions (hotels and B&B)

You can check these groups


Other information

Other exhaustive information can be found at this page UNIPV, housing