How to apply: International Students


EU and Non-EU candidates

  • Start: January 13, 2020
  • End: June 30, 2020

Late intake

  • Start: July 1, 2020
  • End: Non-EU candidates, July 24, 2020; EU candidates, September 1, 2020



International students holding a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biotechnology or related life science programme from an International University have to undergo a pre-evaluation of their academic qualifications. The admissions committee will assess applicants’ academic qualifications. Selected students will have to pass an admission test. The admission test can take place any time via Skype, or in Pavia in September.



⇒ The number of positions dedicated to non-EU students for the academic year 2020-2021 is 30.






In order to request the pre-evaluation of qualification and enroll in the admission test, students must:

  1. Register at the website link
  2. Click the button “Apply Now!” at this link
  3. Fill the application form and submit the required documentation:
  • Scan of their passport or ID card.
  • Curriculum vitae in European format in English.
  • Scan of their transcript in English or Italian with exams taken, marks and credits. Final mark should also be included together with an explanation of the evaluation system. If applicants have more than one degree, they can send more than one transcript. Transcripts in Spanish or French are also accepted.
  • A scan of the Diploma (if available). Students who did not obtain their Bachelor degree and are expected to graduate before September 2020 must send a transcript listing the exams taken and the expected date of graduation.
  • Two reference letters. Students must fill a specific section of the application form  to ask to two referees to send a reference letter.
  • Payment of the application fee (35 €).

Students owning an English language proficiency certificate can attach a scan to the application. This document is optional.

Students can choose between two types of admission test:

  • Via Skype. The Skype interview can take place any time. The Skype admission test is an oral exam in English concerning basic concepts in Biology. We strongly suggest to refresh basic concepts in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Microbiology.
  • In Pavia. The admission test in Pavia will take place in September at Polo Cravino, via Ferrata 9, Pavia. Precise information will be reported in the Admission Announcement. This admission test will be an oral exam in English on basic concepts in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Microbiology.


Pre-evaluation of qualification and admission test

An appointed Commission will evaluate the academic qualifications of the candidate.

  • If the candidate chooses to take the Skype admission test, he/she will receive an e-mail  notifying whether he/she passed the pre-evaluation of qualification. If applicable, the date of the appointment for the interview and the Skype ID of the Commission will also be sent.
  • If the candidate chooses to take the admission test in Pavia, he/she will receive an e-mail notifying whether he/she passed the pre-evaluation. Date and place of the Admission Test in Pavia will be contained in the admission announcement.

Students who passed the admission test will receive an admission letter to be used for VISA application.




For the admission test, students have to pay a fee for participation to the admission test (35 €).

The fee for participation to admission test can be paid via bank transfer. Students will receive an email (object: University of Pavia-Payment instructions for Molecular Biology and Genetics) containing the link to the invoice and further instructions on how to pay. Within a couple of hours from the successful payment, students will be able to complete your application by submitting it. It will not be possible to submit the application until the payment has been cleared by the system. The invoice is pre-filled (click to see an example of invoice).




Students will be able to enroll in the University of Pavia in October 2021. To enroll, login in your reserved area, then click Menu (right corner) -> Secretariat -> Enrollments.

Late enrollments are also accepted until February, 2021, upon the payment of an additional 82 € fee.

Detailed information concerning enrollment procedures will be described in the Admission Announcement for the Academic Year 2020-2021.

To receive assistance for any problem found during the enrollment please send an e-mail to .




Students from abroad who want to enroll in an Italian University need an official recognition by an official Italian authority in their home country of the equality of their qualification to the Italian one. Please see this page for further information.

⊗ Students from extra-European countries must request a student VISA to the Italian authority in their country. Students should contact the Italian Embassy in their country as early as possible and ask information about student VISA application procedures. The deadline for VISA application is at the end of JulyWe recommend student to obtain an appointment in Spring way before the deadline because late appointments often are not processed on time.

Important notice for extra-European studentsVISA application and university application are two completely independent procedures. VISA application is a procedure carried out by the Italian Authorities abroad. The University of Pavia has nothing to do with VISA application. Students from extra-European countries are encouraged to apply for pre-evaluation and admission test as soon as possible even if they did not obtain a VISA from the Italian embassy.

Additional information can be found at this page.




Students can also enroll in individual courses without taking part to the whole programme. For more precise information visit this page (link).