How to apply: Students graduated Abroad


Academic curriculum

3 years Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Biology, Biotechnology or related life science programmes.

⇒ Students must have a good knowledge of basic Biology topics with particular attention to Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Microbiology and Molecular Biology.


Knowledge of the English language

Knowledge of English should correspond to at least B2 level of the Common European Framework (CEF). The knowledge of the English language will be verified during the admission test. Students graduated from an Italian University and who were eligible for direct enrollment (without admission test) will demonstrate their knowledge of the English language during the academic year with the passing of the first exam. The English language proficiency certificate is not required.


Number of positions dedicated to non-EU students

⇒ The number of positions dedicated to non-EU students for the academic year 2021-2022 is 35.



Concerning the selection period, some date changes may occur.



International students holding a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Biotechnology or related life science programme from an International University have to undergo a pre-evaluation of their academic qualifications. The admissions committee will assess applicants’ academic qualifications. Selected students will have to pass an admission test. The admission test can take place any time via Skype.



DISCLAIMER. Please read this disclaimer before proceeding with the application:

  • students graduated abroad must request the pre-evaluation of their academic qualifications and take and pass a Skype admission exam. The results of the pre-evaluation of academic qualifications and the appointment for the admission exam will be communicated by email. Students are responsible to regularly check their email inbox, including the spam folder. If a student is not able to take the exam because he/she did not answer on time or did not see the email, then the Committee will not reschedule the appointment.
  • Students graduated abroad must request the pre-evaluation of their academic qualifications and take and pass a Skype admission exam. The appointment for the admission exam will be communicated by email and students are requested to confirm the appointment by a specific deadline. Students who do not reply to the email or reply after the deadline will not be given a new appointment.
  • Students graduated abroad whose curriculum is suitable for the Master Programme will be invited to take a Skype admission exam. These students must verify that their audio-video connections are working well. The Committee must be able to see candidates’ faces and ear answers clearly. If these two requirements are not met, the interview will be terminated and will not be rescheduled.


Step 1: Registration and application

In order to request the pre-evaluation of qualification and enroll in the admission test, students must:

  1. Register on this website (link) and click the button “Apply Now!”
  2. Fill the application form and attach the required documentation:
    1. Scan of their VALID passport (preferably with at least two years until the expiration date) or ID card.
    2. Curriculum vitae in European format in English language (for more information see this page).
    3. Scan of their transcript in English or Italian with exams taken, marks and credits. Final mark should also be included together with an explanation of the evaluation system. If applicants have more than one degree, they can send more than one transcript. Transcripts in Spanish or French are also accepted.
    4. Scan of the Diploma (if available). Students who did not obtain their Bachelor degree and are expected to graduate before September 2021 must indicate the expected date of graduation in the appropriate field in the application form.
    5. List of exams relevant to assess the eligibility for the programme (download the form from this page).
    6. Two reference letters. Students must fill a specific section of the application form to allow referees to send the reference letter. An official email address must be provided, i.e. please indicate the email of the referee that has been provided by his/her affiliation (University, Research Institute…). Generic email addresses that are not associated to an official affiliation (, etc…) will not be considered. Reference letters attached by candidates are not considered valid if the student is also applying for the scholarship for students applying for the MSc Molecular Biology and Genetics for the academic year 2021-2022.

The application requires the payment of a fee for participation to the admission test (35 €). The fee for participation to admission test can be paid online via home banking or credit card. Students will receive an email (object: University of Pavia-Payment instructions for Molecular Biology and Genetics) containing the link to the invoice and further instructions on how to pay. Within a couple of hours from the successful payment, students will be able to complete your application by submitting it. It will not be possible to submit the application until the payment has been cleared by the system. The invoice is pre-filled (click to see an example of invoice).

Students owning an English language proficiency certificate can attach a scan to the application. This document is optional. Embassies in some countries might require English language knowledge certificates to accept pre-enrollment and VISA applications. Minimum required grades for the academic year 2019-2020 were: IELTS – 6, TOEFL – 78, TOLIMO – 600, FCE – 169.


Step 2: Evaluation of qualification

An appointed Commission will evaluate the academic qualifications of the candidate (degree, marks, work experience). The candidate will receive an e-mail notifying whether his/her qualification are suitable to take the admission exam. If applicable, the date of the appointment for the interview and the Skype ID of the Commission will also be sent.


Step 3: Admission test

The Skype admission test is an oral exam in English concerning basic concepts in Biology. We strongly suggest to refresh basic concepts in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Microbiology. The Skype interview can take place any time.

The exam may have one of the following outcomes:

  1. unconditional admission to the Master’s degree course;
  2. admission to the Master’s degree, with a list of the examinations to be passed in order to make up any credit deficits;
  3. non-admission to the Master’s degree due to insufficient knowledge of basic Biology concepts.


Step 4: Pre-enrollment and VISA application

EU and non-EU students who passed the admission test will receive an admission letter. Non-EU students will be able to be used for VISA application. PLEASE SEE THE DISCLAIMER ABOVE

Non-EU students who passed the admission test must contact the Italian Authority in their country to start the pre-enrollment procedure and apply for student VISA (see below).

EU students can enroll in the Master Programme without further requirements.

For precise details on these procedures please visit this page.


Non-EU Students residing abroad and admitted to the Master’s Programme need to submit their pre-enrollment via Italian Consulate or Embassy in their country and start the application for student VISA. The official admission at the University of Pavia will be possible only after pre-enrollment has been completed. Please keep in touch with the Italian Authority in your country and check this website .

For precise details on these procedures please visit this page. Guidelines prepared by our University can be found here

For additional information please see this page, step 2.

Pre-enrollment is carried out via Universitaly.


⊗ Students from extra-European countries apply for a student VISA to the Italian authority in their country. Students should contact the Italian Embassy in their country as early as possible and ask information about student VISA application procedures. 

Important notice for extra-European studentsVISA application and university application are two completely independent procedures. VISA application is a procedure carried out by the Italian Authorities abroad. The University of Pavia has nothing to do with VISA application. Students from extra-European countries are encouraged to apply for pre-evaluation and admission test as soon as possible even if they did not obtain a VISA from the Italian embassy.

Additional information can be found at this page .


Step 5: Enrollment

Students will be able to enroll in the University of Pavia by October 15. The exact beginning of the application period will be published in this website. To enroll, login in your reserved area, then click Menu (right corner) -> Admissions -> Enrollment.

EU students must follow the procedure described at this page.

Non-EU students must follow the procedure described at this page, steps 5 and 6. To ask for assistance send an e-mail to .