Coronavirus Information



We have tapped into our creativity with the moral obligation to continue to be a community. The universities have not closed. They have adapted. Continuing to stay close, at a distance. And come back, renewed, stronger than before


List of the most relevant information and news published by the University of Pavia






  • Help Desk for International Students in the Questura, non-EU citizens staying in Italy for longer than three months need to apply for a permit of stay within 8 days of their  arrival in Pavia. The cost for the application is about 140 Euro.In order to do this, take the following documents to:
    Help Desk for International Students at the Pavia Police Station (Questura di Pavia, Salone Immigrazione)
    Via Rismondo, 68
    Open Thursdays 9AM – 1PM by appointment only available from 21 Sept 2020 (click on the helpdesk, fill a form and confirm your appointment).Students in quarantine can start anticipating their documents to, attaching their passport with the study visa or (in case of renewal) their permit of stay.