How to attend classes

The University of Pavia encourages students to attend lectures in person, in compliance with prevention measures, therefore classes in the academic year 2021/2022 will be offered in presence. To book a seat for lectures on premises please login to this page , then indicate if you want to book a seat for the courses in your study plan.

To guarantee students a high quality teaching, as well as, the opportunity to easily access studying material, all classes will be recorded and uploaded on the student’s portal.

The recordings will be available for 15 days after the lesson has taken place.

Only in case it will be necessary to create groups of students who alternately attend classes in presence, lectures will be in live streaming, as well as recorded.

In this way, every student, with a special regard to international students, disabled students, athletes, working students, students with children and fragile students, will be able to take advantage of the online teaching during possible Covid-19 emergency periods if unable to attend in person.

Please install the application MyUniPV on your smartphone.
Before starting lectures, Professors may decide to count students present in the classroom using this application.