Study Plan


Study Plan (Click to download)

First year  SSD Credits Semester
Methods in Biochemistry BIO/10 9 I
Advanced Molecular Biology BIO/11 6 I
Bioinformatics ING-INF/06 6 I
Structural Biology and Pharmacology BIO/11 6 II
Microbial Genetics BIO/18 6 II
Human Molecular Genetics BIO/18 6 II
Molecular Pharmacology BIO/14 6 II
Internship for experimental thesis 14 II
Total 59
Second Year  SSD Credits Semester
Cellular Biochemistry BIO/10 6 I
Developmental Biology BIO/06 6 I
Two courses (6+6 credits) to be chosen among the following four (or one course + 6 laboratory credits):
*Advanced Microscopy BIO/06 6 I
*Molecular Genetics BIO/18 6 I
*Molecular Entomology BIO/05 6 I
*Immunology MED/04 6 II
Molecular Microbiology BIO/19 6 II
Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology BIO/04 6 II
Internship for experimental thesis 24 II
Informatic skills 1 II
 Total 61