Molecular Entomology

Molecular Entomology

Teachers: Mariangela Bonizzoni, Maria Cristina Crava

Course content

This course will give a broad perspective of the molecular biology of insects, with a focus on vectors of human pathogens (i.e. malaria and dengue vectors) and insect of economic importance.

The course will provide an introduction to insect physiology, developmental biology, genomics, molecular evolution and ecology, starting from the model organism Drosophila melanogaster. Molecular mechanisms implicated in insect–host and insect-pathogen interactions will be discussed as well. Experimental methodologies used in entomology will be presented, including research and large-scale applications. The economic and public health implications related to insects, their role as vectors for human diseases or agricultural pests and considerations related to the use of genetically-modified insects will be discussed as well.

Currrent scientific literature will be provided during the course.