Advanced Molecular Biology

Advanced Molecular Biology

Teachers: Elena Giulotto, Aurora Ruiz-Herrera

Course content

Basic concepts in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Biochemistry.

The objective of the course is to provide advanced knowledge in advanced molecular biology methods, including genomics and post-genomics. In addition, students will learn the english terminology in the field. Through journal clubs and scientific paper reading with the teacher, students will learn to critically evaluate the scientific literature in the field.

Specific subjects include: organization of different genomes; DNA markers; genome maps; sequencing of entire genomes; next generation sequencing methods and applications; genome sequence interpretation (sequence analysis, experimental approaches, gene identification); defining gene function (gene inactivation, RNAi); genome modification by engineered nucleases; chromosome architecture (chromatin, centromeres, telomeres); comparative genomics; molecular mechanisms of genome evolution. Model organisms. Production of recombinant proteins.

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РTA Brown, Gene cloning and DNA analysis, An Introduction, Fifth edition, Blackwell Publishing